Hi! My name is Kelly Tesvich and Kelly Draws is my one woman graphic design studio, specializing in lettering and illustration.

I found out I was destined to draw things for a living when I was punished in kindergarten for drawing a huge mural under a table during nap time, using the crayon nubs discarded on the classroom floor (true story). Fast forward a bit and I graduated with my BFA with a concentration in graphic design from Louisiana State University and found my way back to New Orleans and a job designing at a local advertising agency. In 2014 I decided to try my hand in the world of freelance design: I fell in love with being my own boss and working on projects that I really vibe with, especially branding, illustration, watercolor painting, and hand lettering.

When I’m not drawin’ things, you can find me attempting to be athletic (keyword is ‘attempting’), being awkward (in the best sense possible, of course), and sketching around my favorite eateries in wonderful NOLA-town.